A group of operators have dubbed the Pub Code Adjudicator (PCA) a “rabbit in the headlights” over the management of Market Rent Only (MRO) tenancy options.

A letter, signed by 12 pub industry leaders, has “implored” the PCA to act before their alleged failures deemed the entire MRO process "ineffective".

The signatories claim that tenants are unable to move forward with their businesses, as a number of complaints and “preliminary issues” remain unsolved by the PCA, regarding stocking policies, “unreasonable clauses” and alternatives to MRO process within the confines of property law.

They also expressed their concerns about growing fees which have incurred and informally claimed that between three operators, they had collectively “incurred almost £50,000 of professional fees to date.”

The letter said: “Some of these are basic issues that could be clarified by the PCA in an adjudicating capacity. Yet despite constant chasing and requests, there is no clarity, direction or urgency from PCA.

“Some of us lodged this issues with PCA in late summer 2016 and we are no nearer clarification. More worryingly, we are incurring substantial fees in the process of getting nowhere.”

The letter expressed concerns that the process was becoming a “major deterrent” to anyone entering the MRO process, as they couldn’t afford it.

Signatories continued: “We may simply be pushed out of the process because our pockets are not as deep as the other side.

“The inertia needs to end. The PCA is looking like a “rabbit in the headlights” and we have implored them to act. Several of us have written to them on numerous occasions since the start of the year yet nothing has changed. It calls into question the ability of either the process, the PCA, or both.”

Inapub has contacted the PCA for comment on these claims, but at time of writing received no response. 

In alphabetical order, the bosses who compiled this letter include:

Simon Collinson (Oak Taverns)                     
Dave & Leo Day (Golden Lion Group)
Nick Griffin (Pleisure)                                  
Vince Healy (Ascot Inns)
Peter Linacre (New Pub Co)                         
Garry Mallen (GC Mallen & Co)
John McElhinney (Windmill Taverns)            
Ken Ryan (Barter Inns)
Mark Stockhausen (McLean Inns)                  
Philip Thorley (Thorley Taverns)
Brian Whiting (Whiting & Hammond)            
Paul Wigham (All Our Bars)