It's your worst fear - a restaurant has mistakenly leaked notes from its booking system about customers, but they’re hilarious.

You've likely woken up in a cold sweat about it before, the little details you keep about customers get sent via email and end up all over Twitter. And some of them are far from complimentary. 

It happened to one unknown restaurant in America, and the results are pretty funny. They were shared on Twitter by a lady who picked out the best of the bunch.

One reads: "We accommodated a last minute 12 top NO PRIXE FIXE for Will Smith. And she lied. It was a bunch of random people and he did not come AND THEY WERE LATE."

And another simply says: "Left $11 on a $200 table. 86."

In case you are wondering (we were), in America, 86 or to get 86’d means to get rid of someone.



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