In what is believed to be a hospitality industry first an insurance company is offering pubs the chance to protect themselves from a cyber attack.

The policy follows a glut of front-page stories in recent months about attacks such as the one that targeted the NHS.

Jamie Jenkinson, managing director of insurance firm Sector Associates, said: "Nowadays so many hospitality businesses rely on online bookings, enquiries from websites or even from social media pages and it is these bookings and leads which are the revenue drivers for them and of course enable each business to plan rosters and food and drink requirements.

"Cyber attacks remove the ability to see this information. They more often than not will seek to deny you access to your system and your files. It is easy to appreciate the damage this can do to a business when online bookings and online reputation is key."



The policy would allow pubs to replace PCs, pay out compensation for missed bookings, cover the cost of ransomware demands and that of a PR firm to manage negative comments online and off.

A recent Lloyd's of London report has stated that claims for cyber attacks could cost the global economy more than any natural disaster, including the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina and Sandy.