Mariah Carey already getting you down? Noddy Holder leave you feeling less festive and more fed-up? Chris Rea driving you mad for Christmas?



Here's some tips to help make your seasonal sounds top of the pops...

Entertainment and music services provider, Startle International, has a wealth of expertise when it comes to soundtracks whatever the time of the year. Here are its top tips to help you create the perfect Christmas sound track:




1. A Gradual Introduction is Key
Finding the perfect time to start the celebrations can be hard to judge. Gradually introduce festive favourites, as not all customers are ready to embrace Christmas with open arms. In the run up to Christmas last year, 90 per cent of Startle Music customers that adopted a Christmas-specific playlist waited until December to make the full switch.


2. Balance is Essential
Back-to-back Christmas tracks for six weeks or more will tire quickly. Establish a balance between festive and regular music. Out of all Startle Music customers that switched to a full Christmas-specific playlist, 15 per cent waited until Christmas Eve or the big day itself and ensured they maintained a careful balance up to that point.


3. Tailor the Offering
Create a desired atmosphere by tailoring the music to time of day and audience. Build tempo with upbeat, fast paced songs, for example 'All I Want For Christmas', or opt for an easy-listening tune for low-key occasions such as 'Last Christmas'.


4. Be True to The Brand
Music can help shape customer's perception of a brand and it's important not to forget this at Christmas. Professional music providers such as Startle Music ensure background music is in-line with and reflects a brand's every-day look and feel.