The cross-industry funded British Beer Alliance is to switch its focus from promoting the positive aspects of beer via its There's A Beer For That campaign to set its sights on raising awareness of the threats facing the pub sector.

While the final details of the new campaign have yet to be decided, it is thought that the major focus of the new campaign will be the impact of high duty on beer prices.

Recent RPI and other increases will have a projected cumulative cost impact of £430 million by 2020, There's A Beer For That programme director, David Cunningham claims.

"The campaign's singular mission will be to stop the devastating impact of high beer duty because, despite a tax freeze in the most recent Autumn budget, the level remains prohibitively high," he explains.

"There are fears that unless action is taken now, year on year increases could make the traditional beer with family and friends in a local pub only affordable for a privileged few, leading to lower sales, more pub closures and loss of jobs."

Activity will consist of both trade and consumer initiatives that highlight positive aspects of beer and pubs and raise awareness of the threats against them. The goal will be to galvanize beer drinkers, pub goers and industry staff in record numbers, to protect their way of life and lobby their MPs.

"There's A Beer For That has demonstrated the power of working together and promoting a category wide message. We will continue with the same industry wide collaborative approach to develop and deliver a new campaign building on the BBPA and other industry bodies' successful 'cut beer duty' campaigns but significantly up-weighting the focus and investment behind the consumer and trade initiatives," Cunningham said.


  • There are 900,000 people who rely on the industry for work, 46% of which are young people. Nationally, the sector adds nearly £23 billion to the economy, paying £13 billion in taxation.