Great stuff! 10 of the best beasts adorning our pub walls

1. The Drovers Inn, Loch Lomond, Scotland

As well as the usual stuffed birds, wall-mounted deer heads, full sized angry bear and, rumour has it, a shark, this pubs boasts a two headed lamb, as well. It's also said to be haunted by a young family that froze to death nearby in the winter of 1792. Beat that for quirky.







2. The Old Ram, Tivetshall St Mary, Norfolk

If you are going to call yourself The Old Ram then you kind of need an old ram, do you not? The chaps at this 17th century boozer certainly thought so. Their handsome namesake (above) was even recently spruced up by fond staff members to make him look even more g-lamb-orous...


3. The Black Boy, Winchester, Hampshire

If taxidermy's your thing then there's plenty to keep you happy at the "Blackie" from stuffed sleeping dogs to a donkey. It's the giraffe's neck that really stands out for us though, or maybe the baboon...


4. The Square & Compass, Worth Matravers, Dorset

More famous for its fossils – the pub has a small museum featuring such Jurassic coast gems as a pterosaur wing bone and even a full size Icthyosaur – there's also a starring role for a stuffed rabbit-bat. That's right, a rabbit that got converted into a bat by landlord Charlie Newman's mate Karen. Obviously.






5. The Greenwood, Victoria, London

It was the sight of the stuffed zebra here that inspired this very list but, following further research, it seems owners, the ETM Group, have a bit of a thing for taxidermy. From the exotic animals at The Botanist, Broadgate, to the stupendous stags head at The Jugged Hare, EC1Y and the butterflies in jars at The White Swan, Fetter Lane. What's going on guys?


6. Cain & Grain, Manchester

Perhaps you are getting board of stuffed animals by now – taxidermy terrapins? Tedious. But then you head into this joint only to be greeted with the sight of stuffed squirrel sconce lights. Happy days.




7. House of Trembling Madness, York

They do a roaring trade at this quirky York boozer and beer shop – not least due to the stuffed lion's head mounted directly above the bar. Terrifying. You can check out more about this medieval drinking hall HERE


8. The Nags Head, Abercych, Pembrokeshire

In 1950 the then landlord, David Morris, was digging-up potatoes when he cornered and killed a giant rat – the actual horror! Thankfully it turned out not to be a rat but a coypu (a rodent native to South America) but is nonetheless a terrifying tale. As if that wasn't scary enough though, current owners Steve and Tracy Miller say the stuffed coypu is currently missing...


9. The Hunter S, Dalston, London

If the capital's pubs are stuffed with taxidermy (and currently it does seem that way) then this is where to come to view some truly gigantic pieces including a bull's head, several stags and a kudu or two as well as a bear.





10. The Links Tavern, Liphook, Hampshire

Sid might be old but he still likes to get involved in events at the pub, enjoying the live music and even joining in with "elf on the shelf" shenanigans last Christmas. Who's Sid you say? No, not a regular but the pub's stuffed boar's head. We should all be more like Sid, apart from being stuffed, obviously.