Pubs have got some of the worst restrooms around - and the majority of women have cleaned a public toilet before using it.

The filthy findings were revealed in a report by laminate manufacturer Formica Group.

According to the research, 40 per cent of people said the worst toilets they had encountered were in pubs and bars. Only train toilets fared worse in the survey.

People's biggest concern when using a public lav is hygiene – two thirds regularly refuse to use a loo because it looks dirty.

Other gripes were lack of paper and soap (54 per cent) and a lack of privacy (41 per cent).



More than half (52 per cent) think public toilets have more germs than ones at home.

Women (66 per cent) are more likely to clean a public toilet before using it than men (53 per cent).

And it seems that we are not keen on unisex toilets, with only 36 per cent saying they wanted them. The majority (40 per cent) put this down to safety concerns but 20 per cent said it was because the other gender is not as hygienically conscious.

Popular suggestions to improve toilets were a hands-free flush (60 per cent), better soundproofing (32 per cent) and a faster flush filling system (29 per cent).

Formica Group's Joe Bell said: "With huge competition in the hospitality sector, the state of an establishment's toilets can make or break the overriding experience and influence whether a customer returns or not.

"It is also this type of scenario that ends up on social media, damaging a brand's reputation."