There are many dog-friendly pubs out there, but have you ever been to a pub that is specifically for dogs? Well, that's the plan one couple want to make a reality.

Stuart Harvey and Andrew Johns have set up a fundraising campaign to help them realise their dream of opening such a venue for pooches, called Timo's Bar, in memory of a beloved dog.

Their gofundme web page says: "The idea was to create a "dog pub" rather than a dog friendly pub, where your furry friends are always welcome and can enjoy themselves without fear of being alienated, we will have lots of things for them to do as well as their own bar serving drinks and snacks specifically for your canine friends."

The site goes on to say the venue will include a secure play enclosure to the bar, a 'freedom field' for less sociable dogs to run and play, a 'doggy daycare' where they can come and play with friends while their parents are busy, and a groomer onsite.

The pub will be based at Barlaston Golf Club in Stafforshire, and proceeds will be pushed back into its dog care and rescue business, assisting in the rehabilitation and rehousing of dogs.

It will have 'pawsecco' wine and 'bottom sniffer' beer, as well as some drinks for their adult owners too, including draught and bottled beers.

The reason for the couple needing funding is due to issues with the technical aspects of the lease, which has meant they have used up all their current funds.

The site says: "We very rarely approach our supporters for funding but this time it will be make or break, without this additional funding we will be unable to carry on our rescue work and unfortunately will have to withdraw our plans to create the dog pub to support all our furry friends out their.

"Please help us make this dream a reality, help all the dogs in our care to enjoy the knowledge that they will never have to worry about who is there to look after them and show the people that think that disputes over car parking supercedes the fact that all our rescue dogs need to be cared for!"

So if you would like to help support the creation of a dog pub, visit