A man from Norfolk is due to complete a pub crawl across his local county which has seen him drink in 1,000 pubs over 11 years.


Dave Upton, who is a PE teacher, claims to have drunk pints in all of the pubs across the county, and is due to complete his epic journey next month at the Hop In, Market Street, North Walsham.

Upon hearing the news, the Hop In took to Facebook saying it was looking forward to meeting Dave.



Dave started the crawl in 2007, following a three-year tour of Norwich pubs, and visited around two pubs per week, drinking a different beer in each venue.

As you would expect from a PE teacher, he doesn't drink in an unhealthy fashion, and said that he often only drinks one pint at each pub, sometimes two.

His wife, Kate, has joined him for about half of the trips, opting for a glass of wine instead of a beer, as well as his two young daughters, especially during the summer months to pubs with gardens.

His journey has taken so long that many of the boozers have since shut.

Although the price of a pint has risen considerably since 2007, especially due to the beer duty escalator and other costs, the biggest issue for Dave was petrol, with his journey often including 100 mile round trips to visit pubs.

Dave told the Eastern Daily Press: "I will be a bit sad when it's all over. When the kids have grown I'll possibly do something else, maybe visit all the football grounds in England."

His favourite story, which he retold to the local paper, involved an elderly landlady that closed the pub while they were still drinking, asking them to turn off the lights on the way out.