One in five people will never forgive you for a bad experience at your venue, according to the latest GO Technology report.

The research by Zonal and CGA reveals that 19 per cent of people will not return to you no matter what you do and that 64 per cent expect some form of compensation if things go wrong.

Offering a voucher is one way of getting them back, with 52 per cent redeemed when issued as a result of a complaint.

Making a lasting impression is important because of those who will provide feedback, 63 per cent do so up to 48 hours after their visit.

Zonal's sales and marketing director, Clive Consterdine, said: "Our desires as consumers are constantly evolving, therefore, for hospitality businesses to keep up they need regular feedback to maintain a consistent stream of growth."

Most people provide feedback via social media (64 per cent) with 37 per cent using TripAdvisor to have their say.



And while it might feel like the world and his wife use such platforms, the majority of people (59 per cent) have never given any feedback to a pub, bar or restaurant.

CGA's retail and food director, Karl Chessell, said: "With a large part of the population not giving feedback, this could point to a lack of compulsion or availability in the brands they frequent.

"In order to engage this group, offering some form of discount on their next visit would encourage 40 per cent to leave feedback were it available, or were they made aware of the opportunity."