Have you ever wondered just how many pubs per square mile there are in a town or city area? Well a freshly created list shows exactly that...

The games room retailer Liberty Games has put together the data by breaking down pubs into local authorities and then seeing how many there are within each city area by square mile.

The analysis of more than 50,000 pubs across the country found that Portsmouth has the most pubs per square mile for a whole city at 12.

It is followed by Liverpool with 11, and Bristol, Brighton, and Norwich with 10 each.

Although easily having the most pubs overall, London is well down the list in terms of density, coming in 14th place with seven pubs per square mile.

But when drilling down to the districts within the Capital, the tiny City of London was easily the most densely populated with 219 pubs per square mile and 245 overall. Next door in Westminster was impressive too with 46 pubs per square mile and Camden followed with 33.




Unsurprisingly, the Scottish Highlands has the least pubs per square mile at 0.003 pubs, and most of Scottish local authorities have less than 0.1.

But Dundee bucks this trend by having nine pubs per square mile while Glasgow has six and Edinburgh five.

In terms of Welsh towns and cities, Cardiff has four pubs per square mile and Newport one.

University towns are also well populated with pubs with Oxford having eight per square mile, Leicester seven, and Exeter six.

The tool can be viewed online here.