A popular London pub became national news on Friday night when it caught fire with 72 firefighters putting out the blaze.



Images of smoke pouring from the roof of the Somers Town Coffee House, one of the pubs of the Yummy Pub Co estate -  run by Tim Foster and BII chairman Anthony Pender - spread quickly across social media on Friday.


Firefighters managed to save the pub after being called just after 8 pm in the evening, and bring the fire under control, but only after it had done significant damage to half of the roof and the second floor, according to the London Fire Brigade.

The Brigade also said that it believed the fire was started by a cigarette which had not been stubbed out – or "the unsafe disposal of smoking materials".

Fire station manager, Steve Chesson, who attended the fire, told the BBC: "This incident shows how important it is to ensure your cigarette is completely out when you've finished smoking it.

"You risk causing a fire which could not only destroy property, but could also cost you your life."

Located on Chalton Street, a few hundred metres from Euston, King's Cross and St Pancras railway stations, The Somers Town Coffee House is a Charles Wells pub. It was originally a coffee house in the 18th century, hence the name, before becoming a boozer in the 19th century.

It was rebuilt in the 1930s and was recently fully restored by the Yummy Pub Co to a high standard, including a "speakeasy" and traditional central wood bar.

Locals took to social media after the fire to show their support for the pub and any potential crowdfunding opportunities to help rebuild.



The team has promised to rebuild the pub to its former glory.