Plastic waste might seem like something that can't be avoided when you're trying to run a business but it can be reduced dramatically without too much upheaval.

Here's 6 ways to cut down on plastic usage in your pub.

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1 Cut out plastic straws

They have been the most high-profile casualty of the war on plastic so far and no wonder, given we use 8.5bn of them a year in the UK, each one taking more than 200 years to break down. Make it policy not to offer straws with drinks. If you provide a paper straw alternative make sure they are the compostable kind – not all paper straws are equal when it comes to recycling. And remove plastic cocktail stirrers while you are at it.



Sauces in bowls


2 Ditch the sauce sachets

Small packets of Tommy K, mayo, mustard and the like are very bad for your green credentials. Provide customers with glass bottles and jars instead or buy catering-sized packs and decant into ceramic dishes.





3 Switch to loose leaf tea
It's shocked a tea-loving nation to its core but despite what we were told teabags are not compostable as they contain tiny amounts of plastic to seal the bags and help retain their shape. Go posh and make the change to loose leaf.



nuts in jar


4 Serve snacks from a jar
Eliminate non-recyclable bags of crisps and nuts by decanting portions from large jars on the back-bar.



Waitress taking order


5 Check your uniforms
If you provide staff with uniforms, take into account that synthetic fabrics, such as that used to make fleeces, shed tiny plastic fibres when washed, which pose a serious health threat to animals.






6 Cut down on cling film
Re-use containers to store food rather than wrapping it in non-recyclable cling film, foil and the like.