Many have failed to get into a nightclub because they weren't wearing the right shoes or shirt – but one pub has taken barring customers to the next level.

Recent newspaper reports about The Royal Oak in Ulley, Sheffield, has certainly bought a lot of attention to the Sam Smith's pub.

The stories centre on its rather large set of 'rules' about who can – and can't - drink in the establishment: bikers, hi-vis jacketed workers, jogging pants, vest tops, trainers...are all barred. Oh, and don't think about sitting on the wall outside. Or bringing kids in after 7pm.

Such rigorous rule setting has resulted in some low ranking TripAdvisor reviews. As recently as yesterday, a biker wrote: "Hadn't even turned the engine off to be met by a person claiming to work there telling me 'my sort' were not welcome.

"I laughed and carried on thinking it was a joke. Once inside I was again told "we don't serve bikers here. Asked why and met with silence."

Another equally scathing review by Essie C said: "I have never ever been anywhere so unwelcoming and met such unnecessary judgmental people. I can't say one good word, just sad that such places are allowed to exist. That is all I can say, in fact, I am speechless, and yes, before you ask, I did wear shirt, trousers and nice shoes."

Another user said people should avoid it 'like the plague'.

So what are your thoughts? If a pub has a problem with a specific type of drinker being associated with it, and the brewery, pubco or manager believe they are losing custom as a result, is it okay to set a few rules?

Or is making the pub an unwelcoming place for a few enough to impact the majority - and just plain bad for business full stop?

Answers on a postcard...or email, or tweet @inapub.