Make sure your pub is getting the shares on social media. 


1. #ukpubs

It may seem obvious, but saying your pub is actually in the UK is important when using social to drive footfall. Also, add the city either in the hashtag or as an additional one, for example #leedspub



2. #craftbeer

Probably one of the best ways to drive footfall for craft beer aficionados is showing off your offer on Instagram and Twitter with #craftbeer. At the time of writing there have been more than 17 million posts on Instagram about craft beer. Nuff said.


3. #realale

Hang on, didn't we just tell you to use #craftbeer? Let's not get into the cask versus keg beer discussion, just trust us, add #realale too when tagging your beer offer.


4. #sundayroast

Got a good Sunday roast offer? Get on the social! There have been nearly half-a-million Instagram posts of Sunday roasts. Include specifics about the food with other relevant hashtags such as #roastdinner #yorkshirepudding and #roastbeef


5. #bbq

Another top hashtag which can be used for pubs. There have been almost 20 million posts on Instagram at the time of writing that have used it. Hashtag what's on the barbie – e.g. #bbqchicken, #bbqburger, #bbqribs – to supersize your reach.


6. #beergarden

The superb weather we've had this summer makes for great shots of luscious green pub gardens. Add a picture of a cold pint or refreshing cocktail and you will have people flocking to your outside area.


7. #countrypub

A roaring fireplace. A glass of wine. Weathered floorboards and a long wooden bar. Bliss. Make sure to share a picture of that and people will drive for miles to come to your pub.


8. #happyhour

It's an oldie but a goodie. You can't get away from this classic in the digital age. If you have a special offer on booze at a certain time of the day, get it on social.


9. #pubsigns

We all love an amusing A-board and it seems social media does too. It may not say much about your offer, but it tells people you're fun and good-humoured. A great sign will get loads of shares on Twitter and Instagram and is sure to draw attention to your pub.


10. #scotchegg

Upselling on your snack offer is always a great idea and a picture of a delicious runny scotch egg will be sure to grab attention.