The new service is aimed squarely at those seeking to buy or sell a freehold or assign their lease and will charge no commission but instead operate on a fixed fee. will launch in September.

Company MD Helen Lees has also said the company is, "strongly averse to applying exclusivity sanctions onto sellers that so many of our competitors use."

She added: "We believe these arduous practices of tying a prospective buyer into one seller are no longer acceptable in a market where flexibility and choice should be a given."

The website comes from the same stable as, which was launched 10 years ago and is aimed at the tenanted and leased sector. Five years ago the company launched and has more recently brought and MyPubDNA, a market research tool, to market.

"As pub people, we understand the bespoke requirements of selling a pub and believe this platform will fast become the trusted sales partner for the industry," Helen said.

"It is my desire that the brand emulates the online accessibility of our partner businesses and brings a new dimension to the hospitality sales market."