After the hustle and bustle of December, is now is the time for a deep clean before another busy spell arrives?

The cleaning experts certainly think so.

"Nothing turns away potential customers faster than unclean facilities, and if a hygiene issue ends up making a customer ill, word can travel quickly," says Paul Casson, Technical Field Manager, Rentokil Specialist Hygiene.

"Now is a good time to think about this, so here are some straightforward and preventative methods pub managers can take to ensure a hygienic and happy environment."

Here's Paul's top tips:


Time for a deep clean

While a routine cleaning regime is crucial to keeping any food and beverage environment germ-free, this will only go so far.

Eventually a specialist deep clean will be required to eliminate the grime and dirt you may not be able to see on the surface.

It covers areas which aren't traditionally covered by a regular clean, for example inside and behind kitchen appliances like industrial ovens, or mass scale removal from tiles and taps. This level of cleaning requires specialist cleaning methods, such as biological dosing, which helps prevent drain blockages.


Catering for all eventualities

Grease traps and ventilation systems form an important part of most commercial kitchens. And with such regular use, it's no surprise that these systems can fast become a hot bed for dirt, dust and grease.

Build up in a grease trap can become very difficult to remove, and if left untended, the trap will not only become ineffective, but a source of unpleasant odours. This has a knock-on effect on ventilation systems, where grease, carbon and steam build ups can quickly form in ventilation ducts, creating a 'potential harbourage' for mould and germs to generate.

Paired with restricted air flow, temperature control issues and the increased fire risk, if your grease traps and ventilation systems aren't properly cleaned, you may not only be at risk of spreading germs, but you could also be in breach of The Food Safety Act 1990.


Find the right solution for you

Every pub and commercial kitchen is different. What might work for one may not be right for another.

With this in mind, and given how hectic the hospitality industry can be, you may choose to bring in specialist cleaning experts to carry out a tailored hygiene audit of the premises and advise the right solution.

Experts will assess the current situation to establish a custom-made programme of regular cleaning, informed by hygiene best practice.

This includes hygiene logs which promote due diligence and help recognise those 'hard to reach' blind spots as well as identifying any cleaning 'pain points' which should be prioritised. They can also advise on any specialist kitchen services, such as drainage and grease trap cleans, which might be necessary to keep bacteria out of sight.