Despite shutting down Gatwick last year, drones have grown in popularity. Whether you get a professional pilot involved or take the controls yourself, you can add a new dimension to showcasing what you do.

The once impressive black and white photos of a pub from above that decorated interiors a generation ago have been replaced by aerial images that can be used on walls, websites and any of the other channels that help you market your business.

And the good news is now you don't need a low-flying aircraft to get these shots.

Check out the images of The Wiremill (below), the Yummy Pub a short drone flight from Gatwick Airport.



They show the lakeside pub nestling snuggly into its environment in a way that would be tricky to capture from land.

Similarly, licensee Simon Delaney used his own drone to capture a black and white shot of his new Greene King pub, the Stonemasons Arms in Timperley, Altrincham.



He has also made a short film that helps showcase the new business.

He said: "We've been having lots of fun with my new drone and we are just starting to use the images and videos."

Of course, for the very best results, you can also call in the professionals.

As well as capturing great images, professional companies should also be accredited by the Civil Aviation Authority and have public liability insurance in place, eliminating a large degree of risk.

Jason Geeves is a qualified drone pilot and professional photographer who runs Yorkshire based Skopa, which specialises in capturing aerial images and footage.

He explains the benefits to pubs: "Customers tastes develop and they become more and more savvy and not just in terms of the beer they drink.

"They are looking for something different and aerial photography gives you the chance to present something new and exciting to them before they have even set foot in your premises. It can give a sense of grandeur, it can be informative about location or facilities, but most of all it is eye catching and should help your pub stand out from the crowd."



And naturally it gives you a great way of making an impact in those all-important social channels.

Jason continues: "Social media, apps and other digital platforms are usually the first place a potential customer might encounter your pub, so why not take the opportunity to highlight what makes your place unique.

"Got a massive beer garden? Shout about it with an aerial shot for people to see on your website or Facebook page. Located in the middle of a stunning beauty spot? Capture a panning shot of your location and deliver a promotional sizzle for future advertising."

Michael Kheng has gone from running pubs to photographing them from up high. The former Lincoln-based pub operator now runs a licensing business alongside Kurnia Aerial Photography.

Michael, who took the images of The Wiremill and Tom O The Wood in Warwickshire, says: "Aerial photographs are a great way to showcase your pub, especially if in a great location such as the Wiremill.



Anthony Pender and Tim Foster [founders of Yummy Pubs] wanted to capture a unique shot of their waterside pub and the use of a drone was the perfect solution.

Pub operators should also be aware – there are laws regarding the use of drones, especially if the images are being used for commercial gain."

If you are unsure about the law, use a licensed company or gen up properly – no-one wants to risk a Gatwick-style drama all over again.