Pubs across the country are being encouraged to help tackle loneliness and isolation with a new scheme.

The Chatty Café Scheme is being organised in time with UK Coffee Week, which runs this week.

The scheme aims to bring people together by creating spaces where people are happy to interact with others and aims to tackle loneliness by taking the pressure out of day-to-day communications.

Pubs are being invited to create a 'chatter and natter' table.

Whether a student is feeling homesick at university, a grandparent is suffering from loneliness or a new parent is looking for some company beyond that of their newborn, the scheme is open to everybody.

There are more than 1,000 venues participating in the Chatty Café Scheme in the UK, with additional venues taking part internationally.

Alexandra Hoskyn, founder of the Chatty Café Scheme, said: “I was sat with my newborn son in a supermarket café when I first had the idea for the Chatty Café Scheme.

"An elderly lady was nearby me and on another table was a support worker sat alongside a young man with additional needs.

“It got me thinking about the positive a conversation can have, especially for those feeling lonely. It can really brighten up your day!

"Many people can go a long time, even if they are out of the house all day, without properly interacting with somebody else and this is what the scheme aims to change.

“We aren’t trying to build friendships or get people to meet their future spouses – we simply want to increase interactions that combat loneliness and can make a big impact on somebody's day."