New research has been revealed which gives a sneak peek into the eating and drinking habits of people across the country.

BLACKBX, the Scottish start up that helps public venues turn their guest Wifi into a marketing platform, surveyed more than 2,000 British residents. 

The report shows that the British public are stuck in a routine of going to the same places repeatedly and that Londoners are surprisingly sociable patrons.

The report also dispels the myth that people are more likely to leave a bad review than a good one. 

The report showed that more than a third of Brits (38 per cent) say they only try new venues to eat or drink less than once a year. The majority only try a new venue every six months or less.
Half of respondents said that they only try new venues when given a prompt such as a promotional deal or recommendation. 
One in five people said they only go to their favourite venue on special occasions.
And contrary to popular belief, people seem to be just as willing to leave online reviews for positive eating experiences as well as negative. 36 per cent of people said they had reviewed their favourite restaurant, but roughly the same percentage (35 per cent) had left an online review for their worst eating experience.

Patrick Clover, BLACKBX founder and CEO, said: "On the whole, people are rarely as brave or adventurous as they'd like to think – we are all creatures of habit.

"People spend their entire lives going to the same venues over and over again out of routine, yet many are desperate to break the cycle.

"Thankfully all it takes is the right promotion, a good review or a suggestion from a friend and even the most unadventurous people will brave new experiences."
BLACKBX also looked at people's experiences of connecting to guest wifi in these venues and their dependence on data. 

The survey showed that 62 per cent said they feel better when they are connected to public wifi, even if they have data remaining.