A campaign has been launched to encourage the hospitality industry to embrace a culturally diverse community.

The campaign, which will last 12 months, will champion the role of hospitality in bringing people together from different walks of life, to work and learn together in a spirit of openness and conviviality, through a series of special industry events.

The new industry initiative called Migrations: all our voices was launched in London by industry thought-leader, EP Business in Hospitality, in partnership with the international educational institute, Oxford Cultural Collective (OCC).

Chris Sheppardson, CEO at EP said: "Cultural difference is a positive and defining characteristic of the UK hospitality sector today.

"The industry relies on and welcomes workers from across many different nationalities and cultural backgrounds, arguably more so than any other sector of the UK economy.

"Hospitality visually represents the migrant communities that have shaped UK society over generations and we have a responsibility to our culturally diverse community; something that is particularly relevant during the current period of political upheaval and uncertainty."