The Epicurean Club plans to hold the largest collection of premium inns and pubs on one direct marketing and booking platform, following its aquisition of David Hancock's Inn Places. 

Last month, Hancock took on the role of 'Inn Curator' for the website and will be looking to increase its collection of pubs significantly over the coming six months.

The re-launched Epicurean Collection will showcase the very best inns and pubs across Britain, along with experiences for guests such as clay pigeon lessons, classic car driving experiences, Highgrove garden visits and private vineyard tours.

COO of The Epicurean Club, Ed Hill said: "The Epicurean Club was founded out of a passion for the British inn and pub, the British countryside and everything that it relates to.

"This Collection is about creating community and belonging: a community of premium inns and pubs that deliver exceptional guest experience.

"The British staycation industry is increasing year on year and we want to be at the heart of this growth. Outstanding pubs and inns looking to increase their reach and stand alongside others within our community belong in our collection."

David Hancock added: "I have been looking to build on our Inn Places audience, having curated a comprehensive listing featuring many of the very best British inns.

"Joining forces with The Epicurean Club is a natural and pragmatic move as they were looking to expand their Collection of inns and pubs and they have great marketing clout.

"Their expert in-house knowhow and brand partnerships will further elevate the reach of individual inns to an even greater national audience."

The Epicurean Collection is an invitation-only platform with inns and pubs, carefully curated by Hancock, who has over 30 years' worth of experience in the industry, alongside the Epicurean team. To be considered, criteria include matching with the Club's values of pride, passion and pleasure, and consistently delivering an exceptional guest experience.

Membership to the Epicurean Collection is exclusive and each inn pays a 10 per cent commission rate on all room bookings and 15 per cent on all Epicurean Experience bookings made through Epicurean Club channels.

Member pubs and inns are promoted through marketing campaigns, regular email newsletters and social media. The new Epicurean Collection will launch later this summer with an updated website, offering real-time bookings as well as an expanded range of experiences.