It might be hitting record temperatures outside but that hasn't stopped one Bristol pub from putting up its Christmas tree.

The Air Balloon pub in Filton decided to get the decorations out, in bid to get some bookings in for Christmas.

The tree has been standing proud inside the pub since the start of July and it has certainly been getting a lot of attention - hitting headlines in the local papers and beyond.

General manager Joanne Johnson said: "We do it every year. Normally we put it up at the end of June, so it's actually a bit later this year.

"It just brings in bookings for Christmas. It's a talking point. Everybody is talking about it. It gets lots of bookings in. People enjoy seeing the Christmas tree."

The regulars even come in and ask us when the tree is going up, he claims.

"Some people aren't a fan of it but that's usually the ones who aren't regular customers."

With bookings coming in, it raises the question when is it too early to put up the decs? Last year, a survey of 1,000 people by retailer Christmas Tree World revealed that 56 per cent of Brits think that trees should be on display before December.

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