Real ale drinkers are making friends when they go to the pub, according to a new survey.

A recent YouGov survey conducted for CAMRA has shown that real ale drinkers are reaping the personal and social wellbeing benefits of pub-going.

The survey has found that excluding those who don't know, 56 per cent of regular real ale drinkers who go to pubs have made one friend or more there, compared to 35 per cent of the general pub-going population.

Furthermore, 30 per cent of real ale drinkers report making five or more mates from their pub visits, compared to just 16 per cent of all pub-goers, when excluding those who don't know.

Research conducted in 2016 with Oxford University that shows people who have a local pub are happier, more trusting and better-connected to their local community.

Nik Antona, CAMRA's national chairman said: "Pubs play a significant role in communities across the country, providing a space for local people to meet, helping to tackle loneliness, and having a positive impact on the personal wellbeing of pub-goers. It's vital that the government continues to act to reduce pub closures so that pubs remain at the heart of communities.

"In addition, it is imperative that beer-drinkers continue to support the pubs trade by visiting them. Our Summer of Pub campaign aims to show what pubs have to offer and remind people how important the great British pub is to communities."