Many pubs allow dogs, but not many show this on Social Media. Here is a selection of ideas and ways you can promote dogs in pubs online.



Dogs are one of the most popular kinds of posts on social media. Your daily experience of social media will likely involve seeing at least one image or video of dogs. Pubs should take advantage of this where possible to advertise themselves and their dog-friendly facilities.


One of the simplest & easiest ways of showing this on your website, you should add images to the galleries of your site showing dogs in the pub. This should be more the case for any images of beer gardens.

One of the best places to list yourself is on This is a website which lists businesses which are dog-friendly to their website. Many people look on this site when visiting areas and will decide to stop in on the basis that they are dog-friendly.

Many of the local websites for your pub's area will have listings about dog-friendly locations. These will be specific to your pub, but if a website has a country path listed, it will often have the local spots for dogs to stop in. You should ensure that these are up to date with your pub's information.


It is simple to take some good images of dogs in the pub. You should look to have a dog of the day/weekend/week/month. If you run this as some kind of prize, you can encourage people with their dogs to check-in. This interaction will advertise the pub to that person's friends.



Many dog-friendly pubs stock beer or prosecco for dogs. These specially made products get a lot of interaction when they are posted to the pub Facebook page. Ensure you tag in the brand when you do post these image of products.

Use live video to show you have dogs in the pub. If you have several you can go around and introduce each of the dogs to the camera. It might simple but reach gets 8 times more engagement and dogs get a lot of interaction. The pairing of the two will mean the post will do very well.

If you have events, such as Halloween or bonfire night, make sure you have stated in the description, and if possible in the image which states you are dog-friendly. If the choice is between you and another event, then having stated it is dog-friendly may mean the difference between a pub joining the event or not.


Dogs work well on Instagram, much better on this platform than any other. You should look to add them here over all others. Here is a selection of the best hashtag terms to use with dog post: #dogs#dogsofinstagram#pubdog#doglover#dogfriendly#doggy #dog #pooch #pubdoggy.

When you are posting, remember that the composition of the image makes a big difference. Try to show the dog in situ somewhere within the pub. Don’t use an image from a supplier or a free resource online. Here is a good example of dogs on a pub Instagram post.

If you get a lot of images, over a weekend for instance. Save them for your story and use it throughout the week on your story on Instagram. You can add labels and music on the story. It is a simple and effective way to promote the pub throughout the week.


Similar to Facebook, you should run promotions for people to tag the pub in posts with their dog. This creates content you can use on to promote your pub on those days and through the week by retweeting.

Twitter works best when you can get involved in trends. There are several days related to dogs. National Dog Day, International Dog Day, Take your dog to work day and many more run throughout the year and will trend on that day. Put it on the calendar and then post about dogs on those days.