The Licensees Association has been set up by former Pleisure Pubs boss Nick Griffin and aims to represent the interests of licensees nationally.


He hopes not just to lobby on behalf of independent licensees but also create initiatives such as buying groups, and to assist and represent publicans with rent reviews and other disputes.

Membership will be £95 a year but Nick says he expects he will be funding the not-for-profit organisation himself for the first few years.


nick Griffin


"All the organisations that currently exist to represent independent licensees are regional, we want to create a national body that is dedicated to this sector of the pub industry in a way that the larger bodies, that have wider interests, do not," he told Inapub.

Nick has been the boss of Pleisure Pubs for the last 27 years but recently agreed to hand back his venues to Ei Group, which wants to run them as managed houses. This new venture means he can "give something back to the industry" he says, adding:

"This will be hard work and nothing will be achieved overnight but it's really important we do something to ensure the voices of the thousands of independent licensees out there are being heard."

Anyone interested in joining the organisation or who wants more information should email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.