Gwyneth Spadaro-Dutturi of The Crown Inn, in Pontypridd, Wales has pinpointed 15 things people should be doing to help keep their local pub open. "Don't think that you are doing all you can when all you can muster is two pints on a Saturday night," she says.


Check out Gwyneth's 15 point plan below and maybe pass it on to your regulars?


landladys plea Gwyneth

Gwyneth Spadaro-Dutturi is the licensee of The Crown Inn, Pontypridd, Wales


1. Visit more regularly-perhaps a pint before dinner or a brandy after. Don't wait for the big event like New Year's Eve or Saturday night. Go in with your partner or on your own - do you have to have your friends to hold your hand?


2. Book a table for Sunday lunch or a weekday dinner. We don't mean every week but five or six times a year would help


3. Take the chance to spread the word. Talk about the good meals, the excellent real ales, clean toilets, sunny garden – whatever.


4. Don't air your complaints elsewhere. If you notice that the new drink is very expensive, have a quiet word with the landlord, but don't run out and tell everyone how expensive the pub is.


5. Ask the pub for a couple of its business cards and pass them around at a meeting/sheep sale/coffee morning/PTA social


6. Next time you have a Christening or birthday party etc, go and see the landlord to enquire whether they can host.


7. If you must have a party in your house, perhaps the local hostelry can provide outside catering for it.


8. When you visit, don't expect everything for "free". Often the overheads of a small local pub are very high


landladys plea 2

Inside The Crown Inn, Pontypridd


9. Often the pub is the centre of a community. So, even if you don't drink alcohol, pop along for a soft drink, tea or coffee.


10. Never, ever, go in and say, "there's no-one here!" The landlord/staff will be insulted - someone has to be first in.


11. Don't think that you are doing all you can when all you can muster is two pints on a Saturday night. A pub will quickly close if this is all people can do.


12. Perhaps you have an idea for a fundraising event? Share your idea with the licensee. Macmillan Cancer Support coffee mornings help to raise money and bring in revenue for your local, for example.


13. You love your pub? Then tell others. Post a review on TripAdvisor; "like" the pub's Facebook page, send a tweet, write something on their website. All these will help to raise the profile of your local.


14. Planning an event? Meet up in the pub, instead of someone's house to plan it.


15. Don't expect an isolated rural pub to be open 24/7. The pub would soon be bankrupt if they turned on the heating, lighting, cellar gas, ice-machine and lit the fire only to have three people turn up and spend £9.30 on a Monday night in January. A publican has a good idea of when the pub is viable so don't create a fuss because you fancy a pint one night and the building is closed.


Gwyneth adds: "If you can do some of the above and still your only pub for miles around finally shuts its doors, you can rest easy knowing that you were not to blame. Use it or lose it."


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