A guide to the best ways to use Social Media to encourage Christmas bookings & sales.



Christmas is usually the busiest time of year for pubs. Ensuring you get customers through the door and bookings in the diary is very important. Here is a selection of ideas on how to do that.


Your website will be the 1st place that customers will look for information about what your pub is doing in the festive period. Ensure you have all of your Christmas menus, drinks & information listed on there ASAP.

You should also include your Xmas hours and any days where you are closed for events & such. As it is a time when customers who don’t normally visit your pub might come in if your pub is clearly not open if they find the business isn’t open when the website says it is, then they might not visit again. It is also useful to state if Children are allowed on the website to avoid irritating,

If you can, make sure you have some images of the tables or areas dressed as they would be for Xmas on the website. People will want to know what the tables will look like. It can make the difference between booking or not.


Google has tools by which you can change your Xmas opening hours. For the same reasons it is important to change these on your website, it is important to do keep those up to date. Remember to include Xmas Eve & Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve & day.

Also, use Google posts to promote any events taking place in your pub. If you have a special Children’s events or special quiz or music night, list that in the posts. It will help with your SEO.

Similar again to the website, it is a good idea to add some images to the Google listing of the pub at Xmas. Many people will look here before the website. Showing it here will make it clear for the ay new customers what you Xmas offering is.


One of the easiest ways to ensure you are reminding customers of what you have going on at Xmas is to countdown to Xmas with your posts. You can do this with your header image or just with your posts.

Ensure you have set up an event for anything special you have going on in your pub in the run-up to Xmas. This will be the next port of call after someone is looking at booking for Xmas. This should include Xmas day, eve plus any other type of event.

Use video as much as you can in any posts you can. If you are putting up decorations, setting up a demo Xmas table. If you have something that you want to showcase, do it with video. Video gets 4 times more reach than other posts. If you do it live, it will get 8 times more reach. So think of any ideas for this.

Of course, the two things that you should definitely be posting is pictures of Xmas food & Xmas drink. These will make people look forward to the food and make them aware of what you have on offer will always generate bookings. Always think about how to get engagement.

An easy way to get engagement is to post videos from YouTube of Xmas songs. This gets engagement from people who like and hate Xmas and will push up your reach.


Christmas & Instagram go hand in hand. Visuals at Xmas work very well for pubs to get followers & more interest. Here are the hashtags you should try to use as much as possible, adding in the local hashtags you already use: #Christmas #Xmas #Christmastime #Festiveseason #xmastime #Christmasfood #xmasfood #christmasdecor #xmasdecor #christmas2019 #xmas2019 #christmasiscoming #xmasiscoming #christmasspirit #xmasspirit #newyear #fatherchristmas #santa #santaclause #reindeer

Similar to Facebook, you should look to post as many pics of Xmas food as you can. This will always get you more reach. Try to post pics of steaming mulled wine, tasty roast dinners & anything else food-wise. Along with this anything image of the pub looking festive.

Your stories are the place to add something every day about Xmas. It doesn’t even have to be a different picture. You can use the same image every day and add a countdown. Or add some fun images of staff using Insta story tools which have a Xmassy vibe. Or use them to countdown to New Years.

If you are struggling for ideas, check out our suggestions of which pubs to follow on Instagram. These pubs will be posting content that you can use for inspiration for what you post.


Twitter is the best place to post for the content which ties into the trends happening now. Things that you can try and get involved within 2019 include the election, football and a Christmas countdown. All you need to is use the right hashtags e.g. #Election, #Premierleague #Xmascountdown/’#Christmascountdown.

Twitter is a good place to tag in local products, particularly at Xmas. Festive ales you get in from local breweries are something you should definitely post about. Tag them in your posts and get the local retweets. Or if you use the local butchers and have food made with their products tag them to get local retweets.