Customers have been banned from paying by debit or credit card in pubs across York.

Samuel Smith's Brewery of Tadcaster has decided to only allow cash as a form of payment across its pubs around the city.

The brewery has repeatedly hit the headlines nationwide for its bans on swearing, texting, emailing, and use of other forms of technology in its pubs.

Mick Hilton, landlord of The Brigadier Gerard in Monkgate, York, told local paper The Press that there is a sign in the doorway which reads: "Notice. We operate cash only. No credit or debit cards". He said he had a bar packed full of customers, who were happy to pay by cash.

He also added that he supported the brewery rule, saying that people should not have to pay more for their beer so the card companies could benefit.

However, other pubs owned elsewhere in the country such as the John Snow in Soho, London, is not yet operating the same rule. They said that people use credit and debit cards every day, with the majority choosing to pay that way.

It comes at a time when other pubs are taking the decision to become cash free, as reported on Inapub earlier in the year.