The pub industry is reversing a decade of decline with a net growth of 320 pubs or bars.

Stampede, which offers digital growth services to the hospitality sector and hundreds of pubs in the UK, has released a report called "Raising the bar" which features Official Labour Market Statistics from the Office of National Statistics.

The report also reveals the growth has created an extra 8,975 jobs, and an additional cash turnover of £740m nationwide.

Between 2010-2018, the UK had a net loss of 5,855 pubs, an average of -732 per year. However, there was a net gain of 320 pubs in 2019, the first time that the number of pubs in the UK has increased for a decade.

England saw the greatest increase (+345) compared to Scotland (-5) Wales (-25) and Northern Ireland (+5), which were relatively static.

By region, the South East has the most pubs (5,340) but only grew by 10 in 2019. The North East grew the most (+85), followed closely by the West Midlands (+80). London lost 10 pubs overall, and saw a net increase in 10 out of 33 boroughs.

Patrick Clover, Stampede founder and CEO said: "The pub trade has had very little to celebrate in the last decade, but I'm sure they'll raise a glass to these new numbers.

"Pubs have a hugely important place in our society both socially as well as economically, being one of the UK's biggest employers. The reduction of pubs over the last decade has been heartbreaking, following devastating changes to business taxes and alcohol duties, but I hope these figures signpost a reversal of fortunes."