The Licensees Association has recommended that a series of measures are adopted by pub-owning companies to help their tenants and leaseholders through the coronavirus (covid-19) crisis.

The body said such action would help create some certainty for licensees.

Many licensees don't have business interruption cover through covid-19 in their insurance policies and find it difficult to find access to cover.

The association has outlined the suggested measures in an open letter to pub-owning companies.

They include if a site shuts it should be commercial rent free for the period of closure and following reopening it should have a negotiated rent for an agreed period to allow for a rebuild of confidence.

It also added that if evidence of a severe downturn in business can be shown year-on-year then increased discounts should be made available to ease pressure.

The association said that if if the pub-owning company or nominated supplier cannot deliver tied goods then there should be an accepted automatic release from the tie, without penalty or claw back, for like-for-like quantities, until they can fulfil their delivery obligation.

If a leaseholder has to self-isolate then there should be cash assistance to hire a locum/cover.

The Licensees Association chief executive Nick Griffin stated in the letter: "We stand ready to help in any way we can. We are working around the clock already and will continue to do so to assist you and your tenants in any way we can.

"We urge that we can come to an agreed way forward for the benefit of all within the industry. Tenants need certainty and that is not provided with the 'case by case basis' that seems many favour adopting.

"This creates uncertainty and unfairness at a time when clear and unequivocal guidance is required. I hope you look on these measures as sensible and ones that will ensure we can have some certainty to move forward for the benefit of all within our wonderful industry."