Dave Manson

Dave Manson is the licensee at live music and sports pub The Frankland Arms in Thirsk, North Yorkshire. Read more of his blogs here.

Don't let the music die

Live music is an integral part of pub life. Whether it be a group sat in the corner playing folk music, karaoke nights, acoustic open mic or busker style nights, vinyl and retro nights or fully plugged in live bands, every pub circuit should include at least one live music venue.

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Robyn Black

Robyn Black is Inapub's drinks expert and deputy editor. Follow her on Twitter @MrsRobynBlack

Alcohol Research UK funds study into stating the bleeding obvious

Straight from the school of stating the bleeding obvious, psychologists at London South Bank University have revealed that drinkers are, "much less likely to notice responsible drinking messages on posters displayed in a busy pub environment than in a plain and simple room."

Pubs need to up their drinks game (again).

There's no doubt things have improved when it comes to cocktails and mixed drinks in pubs.

Harness the power of hygge

I hate to come across as a smug know it all (despite having an unfortunate tendency to do so) but when I said the good old British pub was the original place of hygge I wasn't far wrong.

What's on trend for uniforms?

From scratchy school ties to the glamour of an airline attendant, everyone has an opinion on uniforms.

So, on the back of our recent feature looking at the benefits of staff uniforms, we thought we'd get some fashion advice - you don't want your team to look dated.

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Camille Allcroft

Camille Allcroft is a freelance food and drink writer. Read more of her work at

What happened to service with a smile?

As a food and drink writer I visit plenty of bars, but I am just as happy in a cosy pub because to me the pleasure of food and drink is all about variety.

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Jonny Garrett


Jonny Garrett is an award-winning beer writer and founder of the Craft Beer Channel. Find more of his work at The Craft Beer Channel


All beer deserves to be treated with respect

Last week I had pretty much the worst beer I've ever drunk.

Craft to come of age in hazy days of 2017

I think we can all agree that 2016 was a terrible year. But the fates have been kinder than we might think – along with the losses we were given some of the best British beers ever made to solemnly toast with.

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Matthew Eley

Matt Eley is the Inapub editor. Follow him on Twitter @mattheweley

The greats are always looking for the next winner

I found myself alone in a room on Sunday giving a standing ovation to a multi-millionaire playing sport on the other side of the world.

So, what exactly is a pub anyway?

What is a pub? It sounds like a daft question bearing in mind that you most likely work in the sector, and we write about them all of the time.

How to ruin a great recovery

They say first impressions count, and they do, but so do final ones.

Has the craft beer rebellion begun?

There's a point when something goes from being niche and cool to mainstream and everyone wants to start giving it a bit of a kicking.

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Bronya Smolen


Bronya Smolen is Inapub's food writer and multimedia journalist. Follow her on Twitter @BronyaWrites


A whistle-stop guide to making customers wait and why it's ok

The moral of this story is that it's not all about the fast lane, especially on a rainy Sunday afternoon...

How to recover from being a victim of your own success
This is a tale about accountability, recovery and 300 roast dinners.
Why your bar snacks could prevent an argument

We’re a nation of snackists, apparently. But is the pub industry tapping into this enough?

Why ‘locally sourced’ isn’t the only way to impress customers

Everyone talks about sourcing food locally, but what about getting top quality ingredients from places a little further afield?

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Lucy Pedrick

Lucy Pedrick is Bidvest Foodservice's business and consumer insights manager

Myth busting: food trends and what should you bother with?
With constant claims of “the next big thing”, which food trends should you actually take note of? Don't worry, it’s not all about avocado on toast.
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Chris Jay


Chris Jay is the executive chairman of disability awareness charity Enable Me, which offers guidance on improving disability awareness and inclusivity in pubs.


Closing pubs is not the answer to improved access for all

Last year, a report from the House of Lords argued that the pubs which are failing to provide access for disabled people should not be granted licenses.

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Anna Tolley

Anna Tolley is legal and corporate affairs director at AB InBev North Europe.

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Mark Ellis

Mark Ellis works for online hospitality booking system Welcome Anywhere 

Six tips for choosing the perfect pub EPOS system

Choosing an electronic point of sale (EPOS) system for a pub isn't always easy. There are now a huge number of vendors to choose from, all of whom claim to be the best. So, if you're opening a new pub, or need to replace an ageing till system, where do you start?

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Jack Carroll

Jack Carroll is the owner of artisan Suffolk brewery HellHound. Follow him on Twitter @HellHoundBeer
The latest challenge facing pubs: Pokémon Go!

Funny old year, 2016, isn't it?

So your favourite craft brewery has been sold? Don't cry into your pint, find another...

The sale of Camden Town Brewery to the world's biggest drinks company, AB InBev, raised more than a few eyebrows in the beer world.

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Barstool Expert

The Inapub Barstool Expert is always ready with an informed opinion on any subject.

Everything you ever needed to know about the Queen's 90th birthday

Ever wondered why the Queen gets two birthdays or what the heck this year's Patron's Lunch is all about? By Royal Decree* our Barstool Expert is here to explain all...

*Not really

Everything you need to know about Dry January

Is #DryJanuary a disaster for the pub trade?

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George Vezza

George Vezza is the managing director at Nestlé Professional.

Young talent can solve the chef shortage crisis

There has been a huge buzz around the talent shortage recently, and there's no denying that it poses a threat to the future of the pub industry.

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Ed Davies

Former licensee, Ed is the Digital Services Manager at Inapub. Follow him on Twitter @edavieswork

We need to let bad operators go to the wall

Not the most inspiring title I grant you, but if the industry is going to adapt and survive, it needs to happen.

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Mark J Daniels

Follow Mark on Twitter @markinapub

Use Twitter Polls To Increase Engagement

Are you using Twitter Polls to increase your reach and engagement?

Verify Your Facebook Page

Give yourself a tick on your Facebook Page to let people know they've found the official page for your business!

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Stephen McGowan

Stephen McGowan is partner and head of licensing (Scotland) at law form TLT LLP and chairman of BII Scotland. Email

The new year brings yet more seismic change to Scottish licensing

Scottish licensing law continues to change at a dizzying speed.

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Ashley McCarthy

Ashley McCarthy is the chef and owner of Ye Old Sun Inn in Colton, North Yorkshire, and with his wife Kelly, a former BII Licensee of the Year.

How can we solve chef shortage in our industry?

Even chefs with high reputations and Michelin stars are struggling to fill their kitchens with the correct number of skilled individuals who make the place work, putting more demands on the existing teams

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