"Some of the greatest mixologists in the land use pre-prepared purées and fruit juices in their cocktails"

Birds Eye peas, famed for being as "sweet as the moment when the pod went pop," are frozen within two-and-a-half hours of being picked to keep them that way.

The brand has made entire campaigns out of the fact that this locks in all the flavour and goodness, something which we the public have generally accepted, but frozen otherwise has such a cheap and nasty reputation.

It's the same with canning or pasteurisation, both of which are synonymous now with heavily processed, low quality food but which, in reality, are an excellent way of preserving.

Think of cocktails. Drinkers are demanding fresh ingredients for their drinks and they are prepared to pay a premium for it but is fresh really best?

Some of the greatest mixologists in the land use pre-prepared purées and fruit juices in their cocktails and at the recent Funkin Innovation Forum, they were lamenting the perception that this is a bad thing.

Using fresh fruit means ordering, buying and checking your fruit every day.

It means using imported, out of season produce; it means serving drinks of varying quality – one day's juicy punnet of strawberries is tomorrow's tasteless, dry one; it is labour intensive and creates a lot of wastage.

Buying in quality fruit juices and purées to create great drinks, instead of squeezing, muddling shaking and straining each time, means consistency in the drinks you serve and more cash on the bottom line from selling more and wasting less.

It also means your best-selling cocktails can stay on the list all year round and not just when the ingredients are in season.

If you are concerned about drinkers' perceptions then you can cheat a little, too.

Plenty of those top bartenders admit to decanting juices and purées into plain squeezy bottles and using generic menu descriptions (passion fruit purée is passion fruit purée however you obtained it).

Because really, just as with peas, fresh isn't always best when it comes to serving good cocktails.