Nearly three-quarters of the UK's adult population visited an on-trade venue last Christmas.

Did you know that Father Christmas would need to visit 832 homes per second if he were to deliver presents to all the children in the world on Christmas Eve?

Or that 750,000 British kids write a letter or a wish list to jolly St Nick each year, according to the Royal Mail?

Or that it is estimated that each UK child gets £316 worth of festive gifts each year?

Those are some crazy numbers, huh? But, with the festive season is pretty much upon us, I thought it was worth mentioning. Likewise, there were some rather arresting stats that emerged from the Pernod Ricard UK Christmas briefing (which, arrestingly, happens in August), which I think are also worth sharing with you here.

So, pour yourself a glass of eggnog and take a look at this, a pub Christmas in numbers:

37.8 million people visited the on-trade last Christmas, that's 71 per cent of the UK's adult population

165 million visits were made to on-trade venues last year – an increase of 15 million on the year before

2.2 million punters tried a new drink in a pub or a bar last Christmas. 377,000 more than in the same period in 2013

There is a £50 increase in spend per head, per visit on average in December (that's a whopping addition to the bottom line)

1 in 3 drinks you serve at Christmas are spirit-based, compared to 24 per cent in a normal month

There's a 12 per cent uplift in sales of alcohol in the on-trade in December versus an average month

One third of drinks sales at Christmas are premium wines, Champagnes and spirits

30 million extra spirit shots are served to on-trade revellers compared to other months of the year

10 million adults (that's 20 per cent of the population) plan to take an overnight trip to the UK as a festive treat

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