Warning, the pub A-board could be a severe danger to human life.

Yep. Forget armed robbers, oncoming traffic and even sink holes. When customers are walking along the street they put their lives at risk thanks to these killer boards.

Or that’s what York City Council might think.  

One pub is up in arms about the Council’s proposal to ban the use of A-boards.

If approved, the year-long trial will implement a new ‘prohibition zone’ which will ban all A-Boards (and other advertising materials) on the public highway. 

The Three Tuns Pub has now written an open letter expressing their concern on its Facebook page, asking for a fair consultation and calling the ban "stupid.

Personally, I think the A-board is somewhat iconic of a pub, especially when written on a chalkboard. They’re effective and useful, particularly for businesses which are a bit hidden away.

Plus, if you A-board is a bit quirky it might go viral - they’re quite popular online. Type in ‘chalk board art’ on Instagram and you’ll be flooded with highly decorated boards, you could scroll for hours.

They’re also the perfect vessel from some light humour. Some favourites being “Give us your money, we’ll give you beer” or “Booze, food & fun this way, real life that way”.

I can’t help but think this move is typical of a nanny state.

Hanging baskets watch out, you're next.