People want more rest and pubs are the place to do it.

On  Radio 4 today discussions centred on a project they are involved in called the Rest Test.  

This is basically an online survey looking at what ‘the elusive quality of rest’ means in today’s world. That’s where pubs come in.

Comedian Robin Ince commented that after a busy show, he loved nothing more than going to a pub alone with a pint and a book.

It also turns out that spending time alone was one of the top three ways people like to rest. And it struck me that pubs are actually one of these fantastic places where you can go alone and nobody would bat an eyelid.

At Inapub we’re often traveling, sometimes alone, and when it comes to dinner there is nowhere more relaxing than a pub.

“Table for one” at a busy restaurant is never appealing. “Table for one” at a soft furnished pub with nooks and crannies, a hearty menu and some friendly faces means zen.

On the flip side, pubs are also a great place to hang out in groups and being with friends and family was another popular way to relax, according to the Rest Test.

I’ve come across a lot of places offering sharing menus and carve-your-own options, which are perfect for big family get-together or reunion. If rest really is that ‘elusive’ these days, then you guys are all the more important. 

So cheers to the pubs of the UK, offering the 68.4 per cent of people who said they wanted more rest the chance to do so.

And thanks for not laughing at us when we ask for a table for one.