This is a tale about accountability, recovery and 300 roast dinners.

The Watchmakers pub in Coventry has put its Sunday roast dinner on wheels, but it wasn’t the smoothest of rides.

With 330 orders in just one day, the pub was unable to fulfill demand resulting in some angry backlash on social media.

While 260 orders were delivered successfully, Yorkshires and all, 70 hungry people went without. People on social media are bad enough, let alone when they are hungry.

You can picture the chaos, but it proved to the pub that there is a huge demand for Sunday roast deliveries in the area.

Licensee Sarah Carvel contacted each customer who missed out to apologise, and employed an extra 10 delivery staff and six kitchen staff to handle demand.

Now entering its third weekend of offering the takeaway roasts, it might have cracked it, and the business has grown six-fold according to Sarah.

Not only is it pulling in more money from deliveries, but it has seen covers in the pub rocket. Sunday lunch is fully booked, and it's now looking to offer its entire menu to takeaway in the new year.

I think the pub has been successful because the food offer is great, meaning people were willing to tolerate teething problems.

And secondly because Sarah didn’t throw in the towel, blame someone else, or sit back and let the chaos continue. 

Being able to admit mistakes is important in life. Being able to recover from them, however, is crucial. 

Stop, drop, roll and come back stronger. And never underestimate the demand for a quality roast dinner. 

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