From scratchy school ties to the glamour of an airline attendant, everyone has an opinion on uniforms.

So, on the back of our recent feature looking at the benefits of staff uniforms, we thought we'd get some fashion advice - you don't want your team to look dated.

So what's the fashion pack wearing in hospitality these days? As I've no idea what the "new black" is any more, I asked Nick Jubert, managing director of uniform specialist Dennys, and he said there's:


1. A move towards slim or skinny fit items




2. More widespread use of colour, particularly the neutral greys, sages and peats which match the Farrow & Ball shades of so many hotel and restaurant interiors



3. Canvas and denim are becoming more popular fabrics for waiting staff




4. A move to more informal uniforms, with some operators putting bar staff in chinos and check shirts




With that sorted it might be tempting to set off down the high street to source uniforms but specialist retailers can offer consistency and durability, as Peach Pubs support chef Russell Clark (who is responsible for team uniforms across the estate) believes.

“We’ve tried to buy cheaper items in the past but find they start to look a bit tatty after a couple of washes,” he explains.

“We also like the fact we can get the same product lines year in, year out so we can order more aprons or hats for new starters, for example and be confident they’ll match what the existing team are wearing.”

Others, such as Simon Delaney, licensee at The Firbank in Manchester, opt for a mix of specialist and high street: “We buy our aprons and ties from a specialist retailer but the shirts we just get for £4 from Matalan,” he explains. “They get such a battering it’s better to just be able to replace them cheaply and easily.”

If you want to take a more in depth look at the issue of staff uniforms, check this out.



, licensee of The Firbank, Manchester