Live music is an integral part of pub life. Whether it be a group sat in the corner playing folk music, karaoke nights, acoustic open mic or busker style nights, vinyl and retro nights or fully plugged in live bands, every pub circuit should include at least one live music venue.

If it wasn't for live music venues then the choice of music on your online digital accounts like Apple, Google and Spotify as well as your CD collections at home would be severely limited.

Many of the greatest musicians and bands our country has produced all started off playing in their local pubs and clubs. To find a venue that not only supports unsigned musicians but also organises live music nights for YOUR enjoyment really is a blessing. Especially if like The Frankland, those live music nights are completely free to you.



Over the last three years The Frankland has pushed the live music scene heavily in Thirsk by providing live acts every Saturday night. We have had some fantastic musicians grace the pub with their presence and all we have ever asked in return is that you people come out and buy at least one drink at the bar. We don't charge admission, we don't have the music in a separate room. It is there for all customers to enjoy. We cover the cost of the band and simply ask that you come out, buy a drink and then enjoy the music.

When people do not come out to watch/listen to live music it has a number of effects.


  • It makes for a rather dull atmosphere for the band to perform too
  • It makes for a rather dull atmosphere for the others who have come out to enjoy the music
  • It results in the venue not making enough money to make it worthwhile paying for bands. It is after all a business and they need to cover all costs AND make some money to keep the doors open for you.


When we are seeing pubs closing at such an alarming rate across the UK (27 pubs every week call last orders for the very last time across the country) it is more important than ever for you to support your local, independent pub or music venue.

The venues that really feel the impact of people not walking through the doors. The venues that are hurt by the supermarkets and big chains like Wetherspoons selling booze so cheap that they can't be beaten on price.

Imagine if all your local pubs closed their doors leaving you with only big chain venues and supermarkets devoid of any atmosphere and entertainment... It doesn't bare thinking about does it? The fact is, unless people start coming out to support their local pubs more, especially when they are putting on entertainment, we are going to be in danger of having to take taxis to other towns and cities to find a decent night life and our local pubs will begin closing their doors and sitting empty. We don't want that!



I have been fortunate enough to see the live music scene from three points of view. I have been a customer in live music venues both busy and quiet. I have been a singer in a band playing at music venues both busy and quiet and I have been the landlord of a music venue putting on live music nights both busy and quiet...

The worrying thing is, the quiet seem to be increasing and we need to make sure that doesn't happen.

Please don't let the music die.

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