In a survey of nearly 4,000 adults, an unlikely contender has been named the UK’s most popular pizza topping.

We'll give you a clue - there's not mush room for them...

Thanks to the evolution of the pub (which you can read about here) pizza is now commonplace on your menus.

But would you ever have predicted that 2017 would be the year that funghi were voted the most popular topping on a pizza? Yet 65 per cent of UK adults shout “YES PLEASE!” to mushrooms on a pizza.

According to a YouGov survey, 65 per cent of adults selected mushroom as a topping on their pizza, followed by onion (62 per cent) ham (61 per cent) peppers (60 per cent) and chicken (56 per cent).

Not even pepperoni, ham or bacon was more popular than a mushroom.

Personally, I think this is a big win for mushroom kind - perhaps fuelled by the rise in vegan and vegetarianism?

Others, however, think otherwise:


Perhaps what is most worrying, however, is the fact that 12 per cent of those surveyed said they disliked pizza.

In my opinion, these people are just plain wrong.