St Patrick's Day is almost upon us (March 17) but what do you really know about the world's most widely celebrated Saint's day?

Inapub's resident Barstool Expert is ready to tell everything he knows...




Why are you drinking green beer? Because it's St Patrick's Day, of course!

Then you should be wearing blue. Have you lost your mind? He's the patron saint of Ireland — you know, the Emerald Isle?

Yes, but St Patrick's colour is actually blue. How on earth did you work that one out?

Paintings show him dressed in blue; the green thing is a more modern invention. Fine, I'll order in the WKD Blue on the next round.

Actually, traditionally you wouldn't have had alcohol on St Pat's Day at all. Get away with you.

Honestly, until 1970 pubs in Ireland had to remain closed, as a mark of respect for the religious nature of the day. Blimey, next you'll be telling me it's not even held on March 17.

You're right, sometimes it isn't. For example, it moves it when it falls on Holy Days such as Palm Sunday, as it did in 1940 and 2008. Confusing. When's that going to happen next then?

Not until 2060. Great stuff, let's celebrate his birthday on the correct date until then.

It's actually the day of his death. Is anything I think I know about St Patrick actually true?

What else do you know? That story about him driving all the snakes out of Ireland.

Not true. And they didn't have a St Patrick's Day parade until 1932, either. The first one was either in Boston in 1737 or New York in 1792, depending on your source. You're saying it's more American than Irish then?

You said that, not me. But as St Patrick isn't even Irish, it doesn't make much difference. Seriously?

Quite serious. He was born in Scotland or Wales but he was kidnapped at the tender age of 16 and sent to Ireland as a slave. Blinkin' 'eck. You'll be telling me his name isn't even Patrick next!

It isn't. I should have known. What is it?

Maewyn Succat. Well, that lends weight to the theory of him being born in Wales at least.


What's the craic: Around 7.5 million pints of the Black Stuff are drunk around the world on St Patrick's Day.

Blarney Stone: St Patrick's Day is celebrated in more countries than any other national festival.