With summer on the horizon you may well be turning your thoughts to your cider selection. Perhaps you are wondering whether that Durian & Kumquat variant still justifies its space in the fridge but have you considered what fruit cider to have on tap?

It's very possible you have not, given that fruit cider has so long dominated the back bar, rather than the front of it.

However, the launch of Strongbow Dark Fruit three years ago – which now enjoys a 91 per cent share of the draught cider market, according to CGA – has changed all that and fruit ciders now also need to be considered as part of the draught mix.

According to the recent Westons Cider Report 2017, 68 per cent of cider sold in the on-trade is from a tap, so it's very important you get your range right.

The report suggests the following guidelines for draught stocking:


  • 1 tap = apple cider, as apple remains the majority of draught cider sales
  • 2 taps = one apple, one fruit cider to drive incremental sales
  • 3 taps = If you are a high volume cider site then offer something interesting on the third tap.


Within that it is also important to think about more premium options. So if you have two taps make sure one of those two is a trade up option to the other e.g a standard fruit cider and a premium apple, or the other way around.

As for the cider in your fridges, that's a whole other blog...

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