It turns out mixing milk with 7 Up is a “thing”.

Last month was the holy month of Ramadan, where in the UK almost three million Muslims fasted during daylight hours.

Each night when the sun sets, families and friends gather to break the fast (in a feast known as iftaar) and that’s when this concoction comes into its own.

Doodh soda, thought to have been popularised in Lahore, Pakistan, is the combination of milk and 7 Up.

Many bloggers have praised the mix for its “ice cream float-like” flavour and rehydration qualities. They also tell of their friends being repulsed by the idea of a doodh soda until they tried it and were converted.

After some research, it also seems that 7 Up may have advertised the combination back in 1950s America.

“Mothers know that this is a wholesome combination…" it says.




Some people have even taken to Twitter to suggest alternative sodas could be mixed with milk.


The way I see it, if ice cream soda works, and egg whites go in sours, then milk and soda isn’t as absurd as it sounds.