The nation starts drinking just before noon on Christmas Day, according to a recent survey.

Masons Yorkshire Gin asked 2,000 people when they reach for something a little stronger than a cup of tea and the average time was 11.54am.

Personally, I was very close to having my first anti-Christmas drink this weekend.

It seems that the moment the fake blood, cobwebs and pumpkins been removed from supermarket shelves they get replaced with tinsel, holly and decorative fat pensioners in red suits.

I was shopping with my two kids the other day (a traumatic enough experience at any time of year) but the stress was compounded by the in-your-face messaging that CHRISTMAS IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER.

But it's not though, is it?

It's the start of November for Chrissake (with apologies to the man himself) and Christmas is a not insignificant seven weeks away.

I get that in our commercially-driven world that supermarkets and brands want to put pressure on us all to spend, spend, spend as soon as possible but please, pubs of Britain, don't go down that path. You are different to supermarkets and you are better for oh so many reasons.

To name just two it's because you value customer experience and their general well-being so much more than those soulless pedlars of nigh on everything.



Now, I appreciate that I could becoming across just a little Grinchy right now but actually, I love Christmas.

I love the food, the drink, being with family, the time to just relax and unwind with the people you care most about. I even quite like sprouts.

But it's rather difficuly to relax for a couple of days when the outside world has been yelling at you that CHRISTMAS IS COMING! for the best part of two months.

Right now, I need the pub to be the escape from the relentless adverts that simultaneously attempt to melt your heart and empty your wallet and the TV shows and articles telling is just what the latest Christmas gizmo is going to be.

The pub is the perfect escape from this, so while you will already have those Christmas plans in place please don't shove them in my face for a couple of weeks at least.

Time to breathe is massively underrated so let's have a little pause between the start of autumn and the 'most wonderful time of the year'.

I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking I would be much more likely to enjoy Christmas in the pub when we have actually reached the festive season, or December at the very least.