We live in a modern era where we get so used to paying by card that we often fail to carry cash around with us.

I am sure I am not the only one who, when I am spending more than the limit for contactless payments has to stop and think to remember what my pin number is. Lots of us pay with our phones or our watches today too.

It's those little conveniences that we get used to.

So it does strike me as strange that in 2019, there are still pubs out there that will only accept cash. This, of course, all stems from Samuel Smith's Brewery of Tadcaster reportedly only allowing cash as a form of payment across its pubs in the York area.

It's been reported that in 2018, there were 5.4 million consumers who almost never used cash at all. It's all part of the modern world. I don't often carry cash around and it's rare that I get caught out and suddenly can't buy something because I have only got 21p in my purse. The convenience of paying by card is the reason so many licensees give punters that option.




Nowadays, there are even some pubs that have gone totally cashless, given the convenience for punters and for staff, who don't have to count up the money in the tills or risk losing any cash.

But what is the right answer? Should we always be able to rely on the use of card machines, or should licensees be able to have the freedom to only accept payments by cash?

My dad is very old fashioned and always carries cash with him. We are football fans and every game, we meet before and often after at the pub, to enjoy a pint. Without fail, he always has cash in his wallet and refuses to understand what he sees as an obsession to pay with your card at the bar.

So, is it a generation thing? 

Personally, having cash-only pubs doesn't sit well with me. I want the freedom to pay how I want to pay and not to feel restricted. I don't want to turn up at a countryside pub that is miles from the nearest cashpoint and find that I'm unable to eat or drink at the pub for the mistake of not carrying cash around with me.

It seems to me that with so many people relying on cards nowadays, publicans could find their profit margins starting to fall if people miss the convenience of paying with plastic. Surely it should be about as many options to pay as possible? That way pubs will never miss out on a pound in the bank, whichever way it gets there.