Ideas & information for pubs to promote their Valentine’s Day online.


Valentine’s is a day which can make a big difference in how well a pub does in February. Any pub running something for Valentine’s in this period will be looking to show this to its customers & followers as much as possible. Here are some things you should be looking to try in your site ASAP.


Ensure you have your Valentine’s menu on our website as early as you possibly can. Many pubs only do this in the few days before the event. You should look to have this online as early as possible in January. Ensure you list all of the contact details and booking information relevant to the menu. If you have time limits on how long people can stay, ensure you have this stated clearly.

Some pubs run week-long Valentine’s events and some only run their menu on the actual day. You should ensure you have any event information up as early as possible. Some people might not book for the Friday 202, but might for the Thursday or Sunday if available. List all of this kind of information on your website. Get as much information on your website as you can.

If your pub is one which is not favoured by couples, make sure you have information which offers something counter to Valentine’s on your website. Sports pubs should list the Premier League game showing on the 14th to demonstrate something different.


Similar to websites, Pubs should look to set up an event on Facebook as soon as possible in January. List all of the information you can with links to menus & times when it will run. You can run this for several days if you would like. Make sure you pick an image which demonstrates some details also, not necessarily just an image of love hearts won’t catch the eye and sell the event in the same way.

From early January ensure you have 1-2 posts a week for the events. January is often much quieter than December and you should have space with your other posts to fit this in.  Try using a countdown of days with this. Reminding people regularly of the proximity will help you get a booking in early.

Ensure you are using the stories on your Facebook page to show your Valentine’s events will help as a constant reminder. Just a simpler countdown sill suffice, but images of food & drink available for Valentine’s will work just as well.

If you can plan some videos for you Valentine’s if possible. If you can go live, do, just talking to the camera can make a big difference to how much people will be aware of your Valentine’s Day events as video posts gets more reach than other kinds of events.


As with everything on Instagram, posts getting seen by many people comes down to how many hashtagged terms you use. Ensure you use 6-12 hashtags on all of your posts. Here is a suggested list of those which you can use for Valentine’s:

#Valentines #Valentinesday #valentines2020 #14thFeb #love #romance #loving #february #valentinesdaygift #valentinegift #valentinespecial#valentinesdecor

The types of images which work best for pubs for Valentine’s Day are those which show great food & drink taken from interesting angles. Here are images which will work well for pubs in February.















For Twitter, you should look to try and get into trends as much as possible. So Valentines will not trend much through January, but other trends will. So try to link your posts more into things like #Dryanuary or #Tryanuary. E.g. Want something to look forward to after #Dryanuary? Check out our Food menu for Valentines. It will ensure you get higher reach where possible.

Also using the tools from within Twitter such as gifs and polls to demonstrate your Valentines offer. This could ask simple things like what do you think of Va