If we can have an Ed Balls Day we must be able to spend 24 hours celebrating beer?

How come there's a Top Gun Day (13 May), a Hug a Plumber Day (25 April) and a Welsh Rarebit Day (3 September) but no national beer day?

Such an event could highlight the importance of beer to our economy (together breweries and pubs contribute £22 billion annually to UK GDP); would draw attention to its some of its benefits (beer is packed full of vitamins and other good things) and should encourage people to go to the pub, boosting business all round.

It's such a no-brainer in fact, that for the first time this year there will be a Beer Day Britain.

Set to take place on 15 June, the event is the brainchild of beer expert Jane Payton.

The day is backed by key industry bodies, including the British Beer and Pub Association, the Association of Multiple Retailers and CAMRA, as well as a number of major breweries, pub companies and the British Beer Alliance.

Events such as beer quizzes, tastings, pub crawls and brewery tours will be running across the country, alongside some nationwide initiatives, including a National Cheers to Beer so that, "as many people as possible can join in by raising a glass of beer, whenever suits them, to toast British beer."

Participants are encouraged to tweet their toasts to @BeerDayBritain with the hashtag #CheersBDB.

Some brewers have even gone as far as brewing special beers.

You might think this is just another spurious event but beer is as vital to the pub sector now as it ever has been.

Moreover, the revival in cask ale, the emergence of a new generation of craft beer and two consecutive tax cuts, has made our industry one of the most vibrant and exciting sectors in the UK.

Let's celebrate that. After all, if we can have an Ed Balls Day (28 April, marking the time the ex-MP mistakenly tweeted his own name), we must be able to spend 24 hours celebrating beer?