Germany's best-selling radler is to hit shelves in the UK this year.

Krombacher Radler is a 2.5 per cent ABV blend of Krombacher Pils and a bespoke lemonade, which is also made at the brewery.

"Krombacher has seen tremendous double-digit growth over the last three years so it is important that we keep the momentum going and we believe our radler brand can help us do just that," said Stephan Korfler, UK sales and marketing director.

"It demolishes its rivals in the home-market and with the Olympics and the 500th year anniversary of the German purity law (Reinheitsgebot), plus a growing trend for low alcohol beers, I think it's the perfect time for it to be introduced."

Radler-style beers, a blend of beer and lemon, are said to have been invented back in the 1920s by German cyclists looking for a refreshing drink. They hit the mainstream in the UK with the launch of Foster's Radler back in March 2013.