Inspired by the growing popularity of blush-style drinks in other categories such as wine, wine fusions and ciders, SHS Drinks has revealed a new WKD variant.

WKD Blush is a passion-fruit flavoured version of the popular RTD, which will be rolled out from this month.



The packaging is, "more feminine and sophisticated giving WKD Blush a particular appeal amongst females, whilst not being rejected by male WKD drinkers during customer research," said marketing director Debs Carter.

At the same time the company is also rebranding its shot variant, WKD 1, to WKD Shot and adding a new flavour – the mango & sweet chilli Fiery Shot.




The new additions will be supported with a marketing activity throughout the year.

"There is a thirst amongst WKD consumers for new and exciting ideas from WKD, and this year the new duo will broaden the footprint of the brand and lay the foundation for a new era in the development of WKD and the RTD category," said Carter.