The first in our series of category insight features, looking in detail at what's shaking up the world of pub drinks.

In wine Italy is shaking up the fizz category...

Big number: 33 per cent of wine buyers have purchased wine from pub

Prosecco, Prosecco, Prosecco. The Italian sparkling wine remains in strong growth, in fact demand is such that it may well soon outstrip supply, which could push up prices and create opportunities for other sparkling wines such as the French Crémant style, English wine or even Argentinian or Brazilian fizz. Success has come at the cost of the Cava category, however, which now finds itself in decline.

The bulk of the category remains in still wine, however, accounting for 81 per cent of value and 87 per cent of volumes overall. Red and white wine remain equally popular for drinkers in the on-trade, followed (unsurprisingly) by rosé, Prosecco and Champagne, in that order.

Recent innovation has come from fruit-flavoured wines, such as the Accolade Wines-owned Echo Falls Fruit Fusions, and research shows drinkers are also interested in wine-based cocktails such as Sangria and lighter spritzer-type options.

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All statistics: Mintel

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